Wheeee! I’m Writing My Own Content Instead of Providing Links!

I continue to be displeased by Dr. Ego and his clinic. Since Dr. Owlish left the practice, there has been a huge turnover among all the support staff as well (nurses, ultrasound techs, receptionists). Now, not only do I dislike my doctor, I also sense a general air of incompetence at the whole clinic.

A week ago Thursday, I showed up for day 3 blood tests and ultrasound. I had asked for an early appointment, because I teach at a homeschool co-op on Thursday mornings now. However, what normally takes 15-20 minutes took over an hour that day. First, I had to wait a while to be seen. Then, the nurse didn’t have my charts and didn’t know what to do. When she figured it out and started to prep my arm to have blood drawn, I asked if they were running all the extra panels Dr. Ego had suggested (Factor V Leiden, MTHFR, various antibody checks). Blank look. Eventually, I had to give them my copy of Dr. Ego’s notes (which thankfully I still had in my purse) so that they knew what to do. After the nurse painstakingly coded all 5 vials of my blood, I waited again for an ultrasound. Finally, I was free to leave – at exactly the time I should have been starting my first co-op class.

That circus of an appointment cleared me to do the Clomid challenge test (a test to determine appropriate medication dosages for IVF). After five days on a high dose of Clomid (who knows what that has done to me, since I come close to overstimming on the lowest dose of Clomid!), I revisited the clinic for bloodwork. As I settled into the chair and rolled up my sleeve, the nurse (different than the previous one) said, “I have to draw about 6 vials today; do you want to lay down?” I asked what tests were being run. “Factor V Leiden, MTHFR, various antibody screening panels.” I told her those had been drawn the previous week. She went back to check my charts and then returned to say there were no records of those tests being done. So it was all done again. Hmph. (I don’t have results yet.)

Now I’m supposed to have a e-tegrity test done at the end of this cycle, to examine the enzymes in my endometrial lining. This test is not covered by insurance, so Aaron and I have been debating whether we want it done or not. However, it may be a moot point, because a precondition of the test is that I use OPKs (ovulation predictor kit) and call when the line darkens to indicate my LH surge. I’ve been testing every morning for the past four days, and the line is getting fainter, not darker. I tend to ovulate early (day 11-13), so I’m guessing the high dose of Clomid caused me to ovulate even earlier. I’ll call the clinic later today and see what they want to do if that’s the case.

In the meantime, I finally called another doctor yesterday. I had gotten a recommendation from a friend, but I haven’t had the time or inclination to go through the hassle of setting up an appointment and getting a new referral. However, when I called this potential new doctor and my insurance company, I found out that my referral is global, not tied to a specific specialist. So I can see any RE I want (in the network) without having a re-issued referral. I can’t believe how easy it is! My consultation is set for Oct. 20; I’ll find out then if this other doctor will work with our preferences about IVF or not. Please pray that he will!



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10 responses to “Wheeee! I’m Writing My Own Content Instead of Providing Links!

  1. kcmarie122

    Hey There!

    Sorry you’re having so many issues with your RE’s office. That really stinks! It’s good news that your referrel will work with any in-network RE! Yay!

    I also just wanted to mention something about the Clomid/lack of a positive OPK. I usually ovulate by CD14 or 15 and sometimes earlier. Well, whenever I took Clomid, I wouldn’t ovulate until CD17 or 18. So if I were you, I’d keep taking them! It’s definitely still possible you haven’t ovulated yet. And just cause the line has gotten lighter doesn’t really mean much. LH can flucuate a little here and there. It is not until the actual surge that any change in darkness of the line really even matters.

    But obviously you said you weren’t 100% sold on the idea of that test anyway. Can I ask how they check the enzymes? Do they have to go up “there” to get a sample of the lining to check it? Just wondering since I hadn’t heard of that test before. I’m also interested to hear of new stuff since they still don’t completely understand why I can’t get PG.

    Best of luck!!!!

  2. JJ

    You are always in my prayers! Hoping that the other consultation goes well!

  3. lifemoreabundant

    I’m happy about your referral news. We only have 1 RE within 50 miles of my home, so my choices were limited. I’m praying the next doctor will be dubbed “Dr. Amazing and Godly” (A.G. for short.) 🙂

  4. Katie

    Thanks for the update. We’ll keep praying!

  5. Alex and Jill

    Great to see a post from YOU! 🙂

    Okay, if someone is drawing 6 vials of blood from me, they had better not be trying to do it twice! I’m so sorry you have had problems with your doc’s office, like the whole IVF process isn’t hard enough, right?

    I’ll be praying that you hit it off with this RE!


  6. annikadurbin

    I miss your own content! 🙂 But I do have to say that I’ve followed several of your links and found them very helpful/inspiring/challenging/thoughtful. We miss you all!

  7. Amy

    Oh, good grief! That’s ridiculous! I’m glad it wasn’t too difficult to start looking into another doctor, but so sorry that you’ve had to jump this extra hurdle.

    Grace and peace to you, friend.

  8. Glenna Marshall

    Aw, man! How irritating! And do you have to pay for all of those repeat test?? 😦

  9. Anonymous

    ughhhhhh blank looks. hate those.

  10. Michele

    Tag! You’re it. See http://www.thefigleaf.blogspot.com for details.11965

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