We Called It "The Dress Car." Because It Was So Fancy.

Back in June, I wrote about how my first response to a day full of challenges was, “What next, Lord? Are you going to cause one of our cars to explode?…” Well, it turns out that was a strangely prescient though not altogether accurate thought. Today we found out that one of our cars was in fact on the brink of exploding!

Aaron’s car had a leaking tire on Friday. He filled it with that fix-a-flat stuff and drove it home from work, but he noticed that it seemed wobblier than usual. Usual being not-wobbly, except when you go over a bump in the road. So we got a recommendation for a mechanic near our new home and made an appointment. “Brake problems,” we thought, “or maybe suspension.” Then the mechanic called. The back frame of the car is split in two. “If you had hit one big bump,” he said (Hi! We live in the Midwest, where we grow pot-holes as big as Rhode Island! And we had the pot-hole-iest winter ever this year! And many of the roads haven’t been fixed yet!) “…you could have punctured your gas tank and…” FIERY DEATH!!! “We don’t recommend repairing the car,” he went on to say.

I’m so grateful the Lord protected us from an EXPLODING CAR and FIERY DEATH!!!

Oh, Subaru, mostly green (though Aaron thinks you’re blue) except in the parts where you got rusty (and Aaron patched you up and painted you… blue), we’ll miss you and your 219,000 miles.

Anybody selling a commuter car for cheap?



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4 responses to “We Called It "The Dress Car." Because It Was So Fancy.

  1. amy

    219,000 miles???? Holy cow!!! That’s impressive.
    So glad to hear y’all avoided fiery death.


  2. Vacant Uterus

    I’m horrified and laughing at the same time! I’m really glad you didn’t die in a fiery car wreck. I would miss you so much.

    FWIW, Sarge just bought a new Hyundai Accent for a pretty reasonable price. It gets pretty good gas mileage and it’s not too expensive. It’s small but with the deal you can get free tires for life and the oil only needs to be changed every 7500 mi. instead of every 3000. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for or not but thought I’d pass the info along.

  3. Anonymous

    Aaron will finally get to choose a car after just looking at them for so many years! I am so happy that God kept you safe.

  4. Lauren

    Good grief, that’s horrible. And a little funny. But awful about the potential FIERY DEATH! Glad y’all avoided that!

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