Cycling… and Cycling

I had my second ultrasound and bloodwork appointment for the current IUI cycle this morning; I’ll get all the numbers (follicle measurements and estradiol levels) this afternoon, but the ultrasound tech said everything looks “gorgeous” – apparently, her favorite adjective, since she uses it every time I see her – and that things are really growing. This particular ultrasound tech is really darling, so I hereby decree that I will nickname her Cutie-Patooty-Ultrasound-Girl, or C-Pug for short. By the way, my protocol, for any who are curious, is 75 IU of Follistim per day (a lower dose than my last cycle, and I think this will work much better for my production-happy ovaries).

So I have two weekend assignments for you:

1) Both Monday and today, I rode my bike to the clinic. It’s only a 20-25 minute ride each way (as opposed to a 10-15 minute drive) on a nice route between our apartment and the hospital. The nurses had instructed me not to add any new exercises during the IUI cycle, so technically biking isn’t forbidden for me, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s too much. What do you think? I’m popping up a poll in the right side bar, so go ahead and vote.

2) Legal wheels are still turning on the house stuff post-inspection. But that doesn’t stop my mental wheels from spinning with decorating ideas. (I figure, hey, whether we end up buying this home another one, I’ll still be decorating something.) So tell me in the comments, what are your favorite decorating and design resources – websites, magazines, books, stores, etc.?

Happy Friday!



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9 responses to “Cycling… and Cycling

  1. Amy

    In spite of the increasing number of ads, I really like “Better Homes & Gardens.” I’ve seen some really cute stuff and gotten great inspiration from that magazine.

  2. Lauren

    I voted in your poll. I’d really think the biking to work is fine, unless you’re going up some major hills and really huffing and puffing more than you do in your typical exercise. Maybe hold off after the actual iui until you know how it goes, but other than that, enjoy saving the gas money!

  3. gracechild

    My BF has always recommended going into Pier 1 and just getting inspiration. I personally seem to default to minimalist or african themes. For our current apartment, some of my inspiration actually came from the pictures on the apartment website so go figure 🙂

  4. Infertile Friend

    I love the “Rate My Space” section of the HGTV website. Great ideas in other people’s real living spaces. Magazine’s sometimes look great but aren’t actually feasible.

  5. sarah k

    Pottery Barn, baby! I look at stuff on the website but I get better inspiration from the magazine. I like to flag or pull out rooms I like. And then try to incorporate some of those ideas FOR LESS, of course! 🙂 I look at Crate & Barrel, too, but they’re a little too sleek and modern for me. I might like to have one room like that, but not a whole house–but that’s me. I can’t wait to see your house, whichever one ends up becoming home to you guys! I know you will appoint it very tastefully and welcoming-ly. 🙂

  6. Hope

    I love to look at ideas on line at the home improvement sites. Also, I am always watching something on TV. I do go to Pier 1 too and get ideas, and usually their clearance is realllly clearanced. I hope you get it…ya’ll are in my prayers!

  7. Shiloah

    I like to go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and look through the Better Homes and Gardens “Special Interest” magazines like “Decorating”, “Windows and Walls” and “Before and After”. They have a bunch of these spin-off magazines that have great ideas and rooms. I also love the Pottery Barn website where you can view rooms. We’re hoping to get some family room furniture this winter, so one small part of my brain is constantly preoccupied with decorating options. We’re praying you get that house that comes with all the great neighbors!

  8. janelle

    I’ve recently stumbled upon Domino magazine and found lots to love. Have fun decorating!

  9. Brenna Mertens

    well, since I don’t have my own house yet, I get to decorate my ROOM! 🙂 I love IKEA, but i’m not a sure if that’s a decorating resource or not. Good “luck” Andrea!

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