Any Way

During the New Attitude conference, my mind filled with memories of how we realized the failure of our first IVF at last year’s conference. It was tempting to moan, “Another year past, and nothing has changed!” But that’s not true. Yes, my infertility hasn’t gone away. I still don’t have a baby or even the whisper of a pregnancy. But my heart has changed. God has been at work to make me content and to make his Son more precious to me. And at the conference, primarily through the worship times at Na, another change happened in my heart.

For much of the past three years, I have sought to remind myself that this trial of infertility is not primarily about me but about God’s purposes. I have thought, “What glory the Lord will receive when I have children!” I’ve expected that if I just wait long enough, the end result will be a splashy display of God’s kindness when he gives me a baby and everyone around me rejoices in finally, beautifully answered prayers. But now I am starting to think, “What glory the Lord will receive even if I don’t ever have children.” He doesn’t have to give me a baby to glorify himself, to show himself good and beautiful and true. And I’m beginning to see that I will be okay whichever way he chooses to work, whether he shows his mercy and love by fulfilling my desires for children or by enabling me to walk in grace for an entire lifetime of childlessness. Increasingly, I want the title of my life-story to be not Barren Woman Finally Blessed by God with Babies after Years of Patient Endurance but What a Savior. As we sang over and over again at New Attitude:

O Father, use my ransomed life
In any way you choose
And let my song forever be
My only boast is you.

Hallelujah! All I have is Christ.
Hallelujah! Jesus is my life.



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5 responses to “Any Way

  1. Alex & Jill

    I can’t even tell you how much I needed this post today. Thank you…

  2. Brenna Mertens

    very encouraging Andrea! The Lord has done great things in your life just even in this past year — it is very evident to me and i’m sure to others around you. Thank you for displaying your trust in the Lord – God is glorified!

  3. Amy

    That’s such a hard place to get to, being able to truly say, “Whichever way it works out, God be glorified!” What an incredible work our Lord has done in your life, Andrea. God has been and will continue to be raised high in your life. Thank you for your (even if at times unwilling) availability to be broken and used by God.

  4. sarah k

    andrea, this is amazing grace. What glory the Lord receives even now from you writing these words! I am spurred on by your example of entrusting your soul.


  5. In Search of Morning Sickness

    I’m amazed as I read this with the depth of wisdom and insight you have yet again. “What a Savior” – what a challenge to me personally. Thank you for sharing.

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