Six One, Half Dozen the Other

Today marks the start of my sixth IUI cycle. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand: Yay! Cysts are gone! Another chance to get pregnant! On the other: Hmph. Six IUIs; really? How did I get to be that person, the barren woman with a litter of failed infertility treatments in her wake? Counting our two IVF attempts in with all these IUIs, and it won’t be long before my medicated cycle counts number in the double-digits. When do we just say, “Enough,” and move on? I’ve started to have thoughts like, “If we had started to pursue adoption when we realized we were infertile, we might have a child or even two by now.” But here I take comfort in God’s sovereignty; we’ve sought his will, he’s led us down this path of medical intervention, and he will build our family in his way and time. All those “what if” questions are fruitless; I only need to trust that God is good and he is in control.

So, IUI #6, here we come. I start the Follistim injections today (I think; I need to get a call from the nurse to confirm my instructions), and the actual IUI will probably fall mid-June.

Please, Lord, let this one work.



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7 responses to “Six One, Half Dozen the Other

  1. Lauren

    Yes Lord, please let this one work!

  2. Alex & Jill

    Praying this is THE ONE for you!

  3. jadunham

    I’m praying for you too… 🙂

  4. gracechild

    Just remember, your life will always be according to God’s Plan A. Good luck with this one. You’re always in my prayers

  5. Katie

    Amen, Lord, please!

  6. In Search of Morning Sickness

    You know, I’ve had those thoughts before… “If we only knew how much this would cost, how long this would be…” etc.
    But we too, like you guys, definitely felt (& were counseled) that God purposely lead us directly to medical intervention. Does that means because He wants us to do that we’ll get a child through it? No, but we have to be obedient. I think that’s exactly what you’re saying too. We look back and see there were probably quicker/less painful/etc ways to get what WE wanted.

    I love this quote from Ravi Zacharias:

    “In Deuteronomy 8, God explains that in the wilderness He was building the nation of Israel. Bear in mind that God could have brought His people from Egypt to the Promised Land in just six to eight weeks. Had He taken them by the most direct route, it would have taken two months at the very most. But God had them wander in the wilderness for 40 years because of one very simple truth. The shortest route may not be the best route because it may bypass some of the most important lessons that we need to learn in life.”

    The principle is there, just a hard one to grasp when it’s aimed right at us.

    I pray and pray this can be your IUI that creates a child in you.

  7. Flicka

    I’m praying for this IUI to be your last! (For a good reason Lord, okay?)

    I’m just catching up on all your posts so I wanted to say that I’m praying for the house to work out as well. Basement flooding sounds kind of serious but if the current owner will take care of it, that would be really awesome. I’m praying that all of this wraps up in perfect timing for you and Aaron. I would love for you to have a baby to move into your “house of dreams.” (A little Anne of Green Gables reference for you. :-))

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