Piping Through Some Links

I’m still trying to return to life as usual after the Na conference, so instead of coming up with original blog material, I’ll pass on a few links to content I’ve appreciated over recent weeks. Each comes from a different member of the Piper family.

From Molly Piper – How to Help Your Grieving Friend, a series of practical tips gleaned from her experience after her daughter Felicity was stillborn last fall

From Abraham Piper – 12 Ways to Improve Your Blog by Serving Your Readers

From John Piper – How a Roman Catholic Anti-Calvinist Can Serve Today’s Poet Calvinist, an intriguing tribute to one of my favorite books, G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Here’s one quote from the essay: “One of the reasons that Calvinism is stirring today is that it takes both truth and mystery seriously. It’s a singing, poetry-writing, run-through-the-fields Calvinism.” (HT Justin Taylor)

Now, I’m off to eat dinner with my in-laws…


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One response to “Piping Through Some Links

  1. Sarah Kay

    I have to say I LOVE your reading list! You’ve always been brilliant but that list is impressive! Thanks to you I read my first Anne Perry (Ashworth Hall) and am looking to start Dorothy Dunnett!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration in so many ways!
    Always in my prayers,

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