Quick Update on the Funeral and the IUI

It looks like the potential conflict between the funeral and the IUI has been avoided. My grandpa’s funeral will be Friday morning. My next monitoring appointment is tomorrow morning, so even if Dr. Owlish instructs me to trigger tomorrow evening, Saturday would be the soonest we would do the IUI. I guess it’s still possible that I would have a monitoring appointment on Friday morning, but I’m not going to worry about that yet. I’m grateful for how it all seems to be working out so far.

Right now, life is in upheaval as we rearrange things in order to attend the funeral. A few weeks ago, I had agreed to watch my nephews and niece for the day tomorrow while my sister-in-law travels and brother-in-law works. So today is my last day of work for the week, which means I’m trying to cram three days’ worth of tasks into one. We’ll try to meet my family for dinner tonight, and then we’ll pack. Tomorrow will consist of a lot of juggling, in order to get Aaron’s sister to the airport, me to my appointment, our nephews to and from kindergarten and preschool, and ourselves on the road to Michigan as soon as we can after handing the kids back over to my brother-in-law. It’s quite hectic, but I’m trying to remember that Christ is in loving control of all these things.

Please continue to pray for safe travel and for the IUI scheduling and all these other tasks not to interfere with the time to be with family and remember my grandfather.



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8 responses to “Quick Update on the Funeral and the IUI

  1. Michele

    Will continue to pray, friend.

  2. Anonymous

    Keeping you in prayer. Wish I was closer and could offer some practical help, too.


  3. Jen

    Praying for you as you celebrate the life and mourn the lossof your grandpa. {{Hugs}}

  4. Mya

    Glad to hear that things are working out. You continue to be in my prayers.

  5. Katie

    So glad that the Lord kindly worked out the timing so that there’s no big decision to be made there. I pray that you and Aaron would be a light to all at the funeral.

  6. Jon

    I pray that it all goes as well as possible


  7. SouthAustinLiz

    All to often, we see sentiments like “For every thing, there is a season…” overused and chiche-d to pieces.

    However, in some instances, as you’ve amply pointed out…it’s just scriptural truth in its purest form.

    I am so sorry about the loss of your grandfather. Even if it wasn’t “unexpected”, I’m sure there is a part of your heart that is wringing itself with grief and sadness.

    I am so, so glad it looks like it won’t come down to choosing between the funeral and the IUI. But as even your blog readers have noticed, there seems to be something…different…this time around (a competent fertility clinic, for one) and I know I’m not the only one who feels a very distinct possibility that we may be hearing a glorious announcement soon.

    Bearing that in mind, I know there is no other way your grandfather would rather be honored than with the promise of new life; the possibility of a true world-changer coming into our midst just as he is leaving it.

    I don’t know if you’ve read “Deadline” by (I think, please forgive me if I’m wrong as it’s been years since I read it) Randy Alcorn- a book in which three of four friends die in a car accident, but there is a scene in which Finny (one of the men who dies) has begun to embrace the wonder of heaven and being able to actually be in God’s presence…and suddenly he sees an amazing display of light and indescribable beauty and he yells something like “BEHOLD! The creation of my Grand-daughter!”

    Even though I know in this case it would of course be his great “grand”…I still imagine a strong parallel between the situations. After all, no matter how “highly technical” one gets, the moment when new life is created must be a magnificent wonder indeed for our loved ones in heaven to witness.

    We are and will continue to pray for your family, and for the success of this IUI! Please, God of simplest intricate wonders and huge, amazing displays of Your love alike…favor Andrea and Aaron with this most sincere desire of their hearts…a child that You lovingly knit for them to lovingly nurture…
    We are continually praying this prayer/variations on it for you.

  8. dana

    Hi… I’m a complete stranger who found your site through an internet search for “christian IVF”, then went to another site who linked to yours! At any rate, I looked at the date of your entry and it seems like you’re going through an IUI now. I am a Christian woman who is also going through IUI- I’m awaiting results from my 4th try. 6 clomid’s before that. So it’s been a long, painful journey with no new baby yet. We have a 2-year-old daughter who is the joy of my heart, and I physically ache to hold another child in my arms. It is somehow comforting to me to know that there are other women going through this, who are Christians. I don’t have any friends who have dealt with infertility, so it’s been lonely. Best wishes to you as you go through this process.

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