Maybe I shouldn’t have been making decaf

a comic strip of the first thing I did this morning


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6 responses to “Maybe I shouldn’t have been making decaf

  1. Amy

    While the brain may have been less than functional during this incident (and, boy, can I relate to that!), it was pure genius to recount this story comic strip style.

  2. Katie

    Hilarious. Reminded me of the other day when Josh decided to eat a fortune cookie but it didn’t occur to him to take the “fortune” out first. Exhaustion does lead to some funny moment, eh?

  3. gracechild

    Sleepwalking is a terrible thing A-J & its made even worse by decaf coffee. Hope you still had a good day

  4. Heather

    ok – that cartoon is FUNNY! and even funnier that that happened. ah the irony of the decaf grounds

  5. The Durbin Family

    This made me laugh. Hard. Out loud. (Granted it was after 11pm last night when I read it, but still. Hilarious.)

  6. Glenna Marshall

    Oh, that’s funny. I’d say you should take the risk and brew some regular coffee. Sounds like you need it!

    On a sidenote, I got a French press for Christmas. Love it!!

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