Advent Links

Other folks ’round this here Internet are getting ready for Christmas, too.

The gals over at GirlTalk are talking about the keys for Christmas joy; the series starts here with the question: “What would make you happy this Christmas?”

That contemplative mom with crackers behind Toddled Dredge is serving up rich Advent meditations. For the first Sunday in Advent, she prescribes the antidote to naive Christmas nostalgia:

We light the prophets’ candle in defiance of nostalgia. The world has not changed so much. The voice that spoke then, still speaks today. The God who loved them also loves us, and offers to change us like streams reversed in their courses, running uphill to Zion, the house of the Lord.

And for the second Sunday of Advent, she reminds us that “we don’t get points for being merely Not Horrible.” I’m eagerly anticipating Veronica’s Advent and Christmas thoughts to come.

Read and be inspired this Advent season!



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4 responses to “Advent Links

  1. In Search of Morning Sickness

    Andrea – I loved this blog entry. I must say I miss knowing I can “read” you each day from NaBloPomo, but it’s lovely to see an update when I check my Bloglines.

    Especially “offers to change us like streams reversed in their courses, running uphill to Zion, the house of the Lord.”

    I think I am praying for the changes of joy admist loss/IF. That would be like a stream running uphill, but it shouldn’t be too much for the Lord.

  2. Veronica Mitchell

    Thanks for the kid words. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts.

  3. Heather

    it does often feel as if we are ‘running uphill to Zion’ – not just on the IF journey, but the way we structure our lives – we are running so much and it seems we could make it easier on ourselves. do we have to run uphill?

  4. Jen

    Thank you for sharing!!! I wish my church had a more formal advent tradition!


    PS: I added you to my blogroll–hope that’s ok

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