First Time

Hey, guess what I’m doing right now at 7:54 a.m.?

This! In preparation for tomorrow, when I’ll do this! Wish me luck!



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6 responses to “First Time

  1. Amanda

    I followed your links — the Pioneer Woman is definitely entertaining, but it’s statements like, “This bag contains the turkey neck, which you’ll want to rinse and save in a Ziploc in you fridge. We’ll use that later” that remind me why I don’t think I’ll ever, ever be able to do this myself! Best of luck to you, though, Andrea…

  2. andrea_jennine

    Yeah, the neck was pretty gross to handle so early in the morning.

    Now I’m worried that the brining bag is going to burst and drench the contents of my fridge with bacteria-laden turkey water – gross!

  3. Fertilize Me

    Good luck to you. You are a brave soul

  4. Heather

    best of luck to you! I’m injecting a turkey with cajun seasoning tomorrow, so i’ll see how that goes. i’m also attempting to make some stock from the innards…deep breath…

  5. Amy

    I have NEVER made a turkey, but the brining thing sounds like it would work. (I LOVED the Pioneer Woman’s website.) Let us know if the turkey really is as moist as she says it will be. The dryness of turkey is something that’s always a disappointment to me. All one times of the year that I eat it.

  6. Beth

    I really enjoyed PW’s site – thanks! I made the olive cheese bread as part of my contribution to our Thanksgiving gathering. And then I made the chocolate sheet cake for Levi to bring to school to celebrate his birthday the next day. Good resource. And funny!

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