Mackinac Pics

our room at Bay View

on the streets of Mackinac
Arch Rock
all dressed up for a night of ballroom dance
(didn’t my husband buy me a pretty dress?)

These aren’t all our Mackinac pictures, but the rest are – ready for this? – on a roll of film that we haven’t finished and developed yet. Yes, we still use one of those old-fangled film cameras. We’ve been saying that we’ll buy a nice digital camera once we have kids, but maybe it’s time to stop hinging our move into the modern photography era on that clause, huh?


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6 responses to “Mackinac Pics

  1. Fertilize Me

    what beautiful pictures and scenary

  2. In Search of Morning Sickness

    i love the pictures, they’re just lovely. and YES your husband bought you a lovely dress… that blue is stunning!

  3. gracechild

    you both look really lovely & happy which is good. & yeah i have vacations to go for & clothes to buy & bigger house all waiting for the baby’s arrival. i know! iknow! 🙂

  4. Katie

    I’m so glad that you posted some pictures! It looks like an awesome place.

    p.s.-Your dress is beautiful!

  5. Glenna Marshall

    what a beautiful couple you are!!

  6. JJ

    LOVELY pictures=) And there is nothing wrong with having a “roll” of film;) I miss those days of getting pictures printed out and waiting to see what they look like!
    Love your dress!

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