Rejoicing with the Shiny, Happy People

Carolyn McCulley offers an excellent article on rejoicing with those who receive blessings that you want. To whet your appetite:

At the mall, you spot a former classmate — and her conspicuous baby bump. Another baby shower invitation lurks in your future.

You? You still wait. And wait.

At first, waiting is hard. Hope lurks around the corner of every new situation. But experience eventually confers a steely resignation. It doesn’t even feel good to cry anymore. Self-pity has lost its allure.

Then, the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit breaks into your grey fog of dashed hopes. In a heart filled with unexpectant apathy, these gentle words bubble up in the first moments of waking: “Rejoice with those who rejoice.”

Impossible, you think drowsily. I need to withdraw from those happy, shiny people. That’s how I manage it, this guarding my heart. Opening your eyes, anger surges over the first light of the day. God, you gave them what I want. But you haven’t given it to me. And you want me to rejoice about it?! I don’t think that’s even possible.

Ah, but it is possible, you know. It’s not only possible, it’s a biblical command. A command, however, that is wrapped in grace and sprinkled with hope. (Read more…)


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