HTML & CMN* SOS (Updated)

I’m working on adding a third column to my blog, where I hope to feature a reading list. I’ve spent several hours already buried in HTML code, attempting to make some sense out of its (to me) foreignness. I’m close (I can get a third column to show up) but still without the proverbial cigar (with that third column in place, I can’t yet get all the pretty dots to line up; plus, I get a weird dotted line all the way across my screen; it’s not awful, but I’m more than a bit picky about such things). If anyone has a good grip on HTML and can tell me what to do, let me know! Until I sort things out, you may see a right-hand column popping in and out with various configurations. You’re not going crazy; I am.

In the meantime, entertain yourselves by brainstorming names for our new chipmunk friend. A few weeks after the sad disappearance of Thelonius, a smaller and so far less mischievous chipmunk moved into the vicinity of our patio. We’ve thought of possible names like Francis, Aloysius, etc. – playing more on the monastery monk kind of theme, but we’re not stuck on that. Leave your votes and suggestions in the comments to help us find a moniker for our neighborly chipmunk!

*CMN=ChipMunk Name

(UPDATE 10/7/07) Great galloping gargoyles, I think I figured out the whole 3-column thing! Let me know if it looks funny on your screen, but it’s all aligned pretty well on mine.



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8 responses to “HTML & CMN* SOS (Updated)

  1. Anonymous

    CMN idea: ‘Patty’ — alluding to your name, and becaue it’s living around your patio. 🙂

  2. Adam

    Good luck. I had a considerable amount of difficulty adding a third column on one of my earlier blog set-ups. You may just have to change templates…

    It is nice that blogger lets you modify the templates (wordpress doesn’t – at least not for free) but it’s so hard to modify them and make them look good. At least that was my experience.

  3. GLouise

    Hmm- have you checked into updating the blogger version you’re using? They have some new templates and allow you to do some new columns, etc. Very cool.

  4. andrea_jennine

    Adam, does WordPress offer free 3-column blog templates?

    glouise, do you mean updating my template, or switching to a different version of blogger altogether? I didn’t see any 3-column templates…

    Thanks for the help!

  5. Adam

    yes, wordpress has free three column templates.

    you should start a wordpress blog and play around with it a bit. in some ways it is better, in others it is worse. but i thought the advantages were worth the switch. i tried it out for awhile before switching though – nothing to lose in doing that.

  6. Amy

    Oooh. I’m seeing three lovely columns.

    And, I personally like Aloysius.

  7. sarah k

    hey! these columns look great! I love it. I also like that I now won’t have to ask you AGAIN what is the name of that author you have been reading. 🙂

    and I think I may be able to adapt the pumpkin bars to our newly allergen-free menu…hmmm…I’ll let you know if I succeed.

  8. sarah k

    CMN: Theophilus comes to mind. Though that may be too confusing in relation to the previous “tenant.” How about something truly grand, like Agamemnon? Or Artaxerxes. 🙂 I’m having fun now.

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