The Patterson Clan Goes Botanic

We visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens with Aaron’s family while they were in town at the beginning of August. Here are a few pictures…

Laurie & the WV nephews, Samuel & Carter

Isaiah, the Chicago gangsta

nephews in the model train garden

And the next one’s for Rishi…


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3 responses to “The Patterson Clan Goes Botanic

  1. Sealka

    Looks like your hair has gotten long! Are you growing it out?

    Hopefully I’ll get to see for myself if you come to visit soon…


  2. andrea_jennine

    I have grown it out, although I need a trim desperately! The last time I had a haircut was before Thanksgiving… Sadly, that’s pretty normal for me! Hopefully, I will manage to get an appointment with a stylist before October. 🙂

  3. Rishi

    Speaking of hair…

    Thanks for the picture, Andrea! I am honored and it made me smile!

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